Daily Routines Game

This is a new game made with a more modern web development framework. It may not work properly with older browsers and likely will not work at all with Internet Explorer.


This is a mini game for practicing daily routines vocabulary and phrases in English. The focus in on vocab for daily activities. These are things the average person does in the morning, afternoon and evening. Phrases used in the game also include language for sequencing and linking activities.

There are three parts to the game. In the first part, you are introduced to the vocabulary items and are required to click on the correct item to match the text and audio. In the second part you have to respond to a daily routines phrase. These phrases involve sequencing and times of day. In the third part, you have to re-arrange sentences into the correct order.

The game uses 27 daily activities. This is a list of those used:

The game also involves phrases for linking activities and phrases for times of the day. These phrase include the following.

This game is made in Javascript using the Pixi.js library. If you have any comments, questions or feedback, then please use the form below to post a message.