Present Simple Verbs

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About this game

This is a game for practicing present simple verbs in English. You look at the images and then click on the words to make phrases and sentences.

The target language is the vocab and grammar for present simple tense. The vocab comes from the range of verbs used in the game, while the grammar is practiced through the correct use of present simple for different subjects.

The aim of the game is to give students exposure and practice in present simple tense. The images give meaning and context. This meaning is then paired with the words and sounds to build associations. It is hoped that this facilitates learning and so students will become more competent with the target language.

There are four parts to the game. In the first part, you have to move the images to match the words and then in the second part you have to click the correct images to match the phrases. In the third part, you are presented with an image and you have to click on words to complete the sentence in the correct way. Specicially, you have to conjugate the verb correctly for the prompted subject. This is mainly just deciding whether to use 3rd person s. There is also practice with the correct use of negative forms. Finally, in the fourth part, you have to respond to the question forms in the approriate way.

The content used in the game is arranged in sets of 6 items. These sets are then grouped together into groups of 6 sets. When you play the game through once, you will see 6 sets of 6 items for a total of 36. However, there are many different sets of items and each time you play, you should get different items. In total there are 252 items divided into 42 sets of 6.

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