Fast Vocabulary Game


This is a simple game for learning basic English vocabulary. You drag the images to match the words and then click on the words to match the images.

The aim of this game is provide learners with a quick and easy way to practice or review vocabulary items. The game rapidly presents images, text and audio. In this way, there is a lot of repetition and reinforcement of vocabulary. It is hoped that by being simple and quick, it can be engaging and more interesting. If students can stay engaged with the game, then they will continue to get the presentation and repetition of vocabulary items. While it is less effective if students just guess all the responses, the user does need to click on the correct word/image to progress.

There are 2 parts to this game. In the first part, you are show sets of 3 or 4 images. You then have to click and drag these images to the matching words. When the image is moved to the correct word, it will stick there and the audio plays. Once you have matched 10 images, you proceed to the next part. In the second part, you are presented with a big image and you are required to click on the corresponding word from a set of 3 below. You keep on clicking until you get the right word and when you do, the audio is played. When you have done this for 10 items, you go back to the first part and then this repeats 2 or 3 times.

There are about 30 sets of content available to use and each set have about 25 items. The sets are grouped as follows:

Animals, Animals 2, Bathroom, Body, Buildings, Clothes, Clothes 2, Colors, Computer, Countries, Food, Food 2, Food 3, Garden, Home, Home 2, Hospital, Jobs, Jobs 2, Kitchen, Letters, Music, Nature, Numbers, Personal, Places, Sports, Stationery, Subjects, Things, Transport.

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