Reveal Vocab Game

This is a fun game for ESL students to practice vocab and phrases in English. You have to watch as the image is slowly revealed and then click on the correct option.

The aim of the game is to guess the correct word or phrase as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is to look at the options before clicking to start the reveal. You can look at the options and think about what each would look like and then be ready to guess when the image is slowly revealed.

You can choose to guess either vocabulary items or simple phrases. There are about 30 sets of content for each type; although, the phrases can be more difficult. Once you've chosen which content you would like to use, you are presented with the game screen. To begin the game, click on the start button and the reveal process will begin. The options will then become activated and you can make a guess.

There are a number of options and settings that alter the game. If you click on the settings icon in the bottom left, then you can change the speed at which the hexagons are removed. You can also pause the reveal process and reveal each hexagon one by one.

The game will show you about 20 items in total; however, items will be repeated if the wrong answer is given. You can watch the monster on the left of the screen for feedback.

There is also a 'streak' bar on the side of the screen. If you can get 6 answers correct in a row, then this will light up and subsequent score will be boosted.

In this game, it is hoped that learning can take place as associations are built between the text, images and audio. It is hoped that the images can convey the meaning of the words/phrases and then the link between this meaning and the text/audio can be built or reinforced.

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