Vocabulary Game

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In the teacher's section you can also alter the sets of content, so that only some of the images appear. Additionally, you can get embed code to add this game to a blog or web page and you can create direct links to the game with content pre-selected. As an example, the link below will start the game with the jobs content automatically loaded.

Alternatively, this link will start the game with the food content automatically selected and loaded.

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This is a game to learn basic English (ESL) vocab in a fun way. On the first screen you have to match the images to the words. On the second screen you have to click the button to reveal parts of the image and then click on the matching word.

The aim of this game is to present words, image and audio in a way that is engaging. Students can see the pictures and use them to infer meaning. Then they match this to text and audio. In doing this, it is hoped that learners can associate the images (and meaning) with the words and sounds. In order to progress with the game, it is necessary to move or click on the words that match the images. So, to a certain extent, it is necessary to learn/know the vocabulary to progress. While it is possible to progress simply by guessing or by luck, I think that playing in that way would be meaningless and not very interesting. In general, I think it is necessary to have some familiarity with the vocabulary being used - perhaps to know at least a few of the items. I do not think that students will benefit much if they come at the vocab cold and do not know any at all. Rather, I think it is best if students are at least somewhat familiar with the content. In that way, the vocab items that they already know can be reinforced, while a few items that they do not know can be introduced. Or even better, if the students already know all the vocabulary, then they can review or reinforce the content

This is game is really 2 mini games. In the first you are presented with 8 images and 8 words. You have to re-arrange these to that the words match the images. When you match a pair, a tick will appear and the audio for that word will play. Once you have matched all the items, you proceed to the next game. The second mini game involves a big image that is hidden behind 16 squares. You can reveal these squares individually by clicking on the lightening button. Doing this repeatedly will slowly reveal the image. Once you have an idea about what the image might be, you can click on one of the buttons at the bottom to take a guess at the matching word. If you guess correctly, then your score will increase, while an incorrect guess will lose points. Importantly, your score increases more when you have revealed fewer squares. So in general, it is a good idea to reveal a smaller number of squares before you guess. There are also bonuses that you can use to help guess the image. The bonuses do different things, but include one that reveals the whole image for a split second and another that reveals a horizontal bar of squares. You only get one of each bonus per round so it is a good idea to use them wisely

The content used in this game is selected on the second screen. There are about 30 sets of content that cover a lot of the basic language vocabulary - things like food, clothes, jobs, colors, etc. Each set has 10-35 items; however, not all items may be used for any set you choose. A list of this content is available on request.

This game should work on mobile or tablet devices - contact me if it doesn't

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