Monster Phrases

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About this game

This is a game for learning simple English phrases. You look at the image and then click on the words to make a matching sentence. To score points, you have to watch the ball and click the words at exact moment the ball stops.

The aim of the game is to give students practice in and exposure to simple English sentences. Meaning conveyed through the images and the use of words to form sentences creates an association between the words and the meaning. To supplement this, audio is also played when the correct words are clicked. It is hoped that listening to the audio can also form an association between the sound of the words with the meaning and text.

The first screen that you see is the title screen. Here you can choose to play the game or just review the phrases. The next screen allows you to choose which type of sentences to practice with. There are 28 different sets to choose from and they have each have 20 phrases of varying lengths. The review screen is fairly simple: it shows the images and text. You can click on the audio button to the hear the text being read.

The game consists of two parts: the main part and a quick review part. In the main part, you are presented with an image, a hidden line of text and a few options. You have to look at the image and then choose the options to correctly form an appropriate sentence. The key part of the game is the motion of the ball. Watch the ball closely and try to click on the words at the moment that the ball stops on the empty text pane. If you time it just right, then you score points. The monsters will give you feedback on how well you are doing at this. You can simply disregard the ball and just click on the correct words; however, the game is really about getting the words right at the right time.

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